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Working on your relationship should be fun. That's why we have taken all of the evidence-based knowledge we've acquired over time and turned it into a range of couples products that are fun and easy to use. 

Couples relationship strategy cards
Relationship Quote Afimation cards

Relationship Strategy Cards
$55 AUD
Our Relationship Strategy Cards are a mix of tools and strategies we normally teach in couples therapy, presented in a beautiful range of cards that come with a handy wood stand. Our cards are not your average relationship affirmation cards, in fact they're not affirmation cards at all they are action cards! They are all about taking simple relationship concepts and implementing them to make meaningful changes in your relationship.  

The front of each card contains a key relationship psychology concept. The back of the card includes tips, strategies or clear actions that you can immediately implement in your relationship. The deck includes 26 cards- a card each week for 6 months, or fortnightly for a year- whatever works best for you and your partner.

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Our products are designed to give you the knowledge to shift the way you think, the resources to change the way you feel and the skills and strategies to take action to create the relationship you desire.

Looking for the perfect gift idea?

Gift For My Relationship / Couples - Massage oil, bath salts, romatic box Gift for my partner, husband, boyfreind. Valentines day Valentines Day gift for my partner. Romantic, Meaningful.

t for Us
$135 AUD
. This curated relationship box includes a range of products designed to enhance relaxation and intimacy.  As well, as our relationship strategy cards to support your commitment to investing in your relationship over the next 6 months.

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Gift for Them
$110 AUD
Give them more than just a gift, give them the key to you and your relationship. The grooming bag, chocolates and relationship strategy cards make the perfect gift. for your partner. With 6 months of relationship strategies and tips it's the gift that keeps giving - to you both and your relationship.   Buy Now Buy Now

Gift for Them
$110 AUD

They will love the relaxing bath salts  the nourishing eye masks, and the beautiful designed relationship strategy cards. But we know what they will love most is what this gift represents- your commitment to your relationship. It's what every partner wants! And that's why it's the perfect gift!   
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Online Relationship DIY Psychology Courses

Learn Tips and Strategies without stepping inside the therapy room with Clinical Psychologist and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist Dr Katie Stirling.

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