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Welcome to Stirling Relationships

Couples Counselling, Couples Retreats and Online Relationship Courses to achieve the relationship you desire.

Stirling Relationships is committed to providing a range of evidence-based solutions to empower you to make the necessary changes to have the relationship you desire. Ranging from luxury couples retreats through to accessible online relationship courses we have you covered.

After providing couples therapy for several years, I realised that traditional couples therapy wasn't the answer for every relationship. Some couples benefit from a more intensive model, where they can escape day-to-day distractions and access one-on-one support from a dedicated couples therapist at a luxurious couples retreat. Whilst other couples are seeking out opportunities to learn skills and strategies to enhance their relationship, but don't require the intensive support of a couples therapist. They want flexible, affordable options that support them to take action immediately. 

Stirling Relationships offers a range of relationship solutions for couples. We provide information and resources in formats that meet the varied needs of individual couples. From the bite size chunks of information in our cards, to tangible activities in our date boxes, through to the in depth content in our online programs there is a solution that works for every couple. 

Tailored Relationship Solutions

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Luxury Couples Retreats

Couples retreats offer an opportunity to escape from day to day distractions, to rejuvenate, inspire transformation and give your relationship the attention it deserves. Your dedicated couples therapist will spend three days working intensively with you to make meaningful change in your relationship. Couples retreats are tailored to each individual couples needs and may include a range of activities designed to enhance the connection in your relationship.  

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Dr Katie Stirling

BBus (Man) GradDipPsychSt BSc(Hons) DPsych(Clin) MAPS MACPA

Katie established Stirling Relationships as she is passionate about connecting people with the knowledge, resources, and tools to create the relationship they desire. After working with hundreds of couples in her practice on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.  Katie recognised that there were many couples wanting to improve communication and connection in their relationships but they had no idea where to start!

Katie wanted to offer couples a range of solutions that met their individual needs. She understood some couples wanted to be able to access practical relationship tips and strategies from the comfort of their own home, whereas others were looking for a more intensive approach to rapidly work through relationship blockages. Hence, Stirling Relationships was born. All of our products are designed to bring couples the knowledge to shift the way they think, the resources to change the way they feel and the skills and strategies to take action to create the relationships they desire.

Katie is a registered Clinical Psychologist, Board approved supervisor and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist. She adopts an evidence-based approach that is tailored to couple's individual needs. Working with couples requires specialist skills and Katie and her team of couples therapists have all completed couples therapy training.

Katie is passionate about prevention and wants to help couples before they ever need to step inside a couples therapy room. She has spent the past few years developing a framework to future proof relationships and is excited to be launching her online relationship courses.

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Relationship Courses Online

Do you want to learn all the skills and strategies taught in couples therapy but don't need the intensive support of a couples therapist? Are you wondering how to improve communication in your relationship? Do you want to learn strategies for improving connection in your relationship? Are you wanting to develop greater understanding of your partner and your relationship? Do you want to feel understood by your partner?

Dr Katie Stirling, Clinical Psychologist and Certified Gottman Couples Therapist has created an online relationship program based on her experience in working with hundreds of couples in couples therapy.  Katie is passionate about prevention and values the opportunity to provide an affordable and easily accessible option for couples. You can complete the relationship program anywhere at anytime. Begin to make meaningful changes in your relationship today. 


Relationship Products

After years of providing couples therapy, we know that couples need a range of solutions to deepen their relationship connection and improve relationship communication. Some couples are looking for tangible products to help get the most out of their quality one on one time, whilst others are looking for practical strategies to implement in their relationship. We have designed a range of products that offer tailored solutions for each individual couple. Check out our relationship strategy cards, gifts and relationship boxes.

Online psychologist - Couples Counselling

Relationship Boxes

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Relationship Strategy Cards

Couples Therapy Online

Our highly qualified online psychologists use the Gottman approach when providing online relationship therapy to couples. Gottman Method Couples Therapy draws on the knowledge of 40 years of research and clinical practice to help couples break through barriers, and improve the level of connection, intimacy and understanding within their relationships. Online Gottman Method Couples Therapy is structured, evidence-based, and goal-oriented. The interventions used in online relationship counselling were developed as a result of research data, from a study conducted by Dr Gottman on more than 3000 couples.